Apr 8, 2010

Episode 7, Aion isn't heaven. =[

So, not that anyone has been checking up around here for MONTHS now!, it is true Zadno and I have quit Aion. =[

It's a bit of finger pointing and "it's not you it's me".

Honestly, we grew tired of the game =| It got really, boring, for us and the community started to shape more and more into some we were all tooooo familiar with. We are 100% aware that generally "amazing top super gamers" go hand in hand with "amazing top jerk face idiots" I guess we were looking for love in all the wrong places.

A side note to that though, we had disbanded out legion and began to search for a new one, we did find one full of totally awesome players... but the game just wasn't shining. D: We think we have simply become ADHD gamers, and there are too many we want to enjoy rather than be stuck to playing one game. We are gaming swingers if you will!

So! We aren't stopping our gaming uniqueness!We are starting a new all in one gaming and review blog, possibly podcast (but lets not hold our breath!)


Thanks guys for hanging with us!


Dec 16, 2009

Episode 6, Technical Kicks =[

Hey guys! Sorry for the two week delay again. Honestly, we kept up with out 1 week schedual. Only to be smacked down by the technology Gods. See, we don't really use "professional" equipment, so things sometimes are much harder than they should be! Forgive us though, because this episode is great! We brought on our friend Windgate to help us with Gladiator point of view. Also, I'm horridly sorry for all my feedback in my mic! (Adamus) A new one is a paycheck away!

What we covered:
*Aion Vision
*Girl MMOers
*Legion Goals
*Customer Support
*Raid Boss / raiding stuff!

Enjoy! Once the holidays are over, Zadno and I will be on a much smoother schedule! Please feel free to drop us a comment! Kick our butts into keeping the podcasts commin, we love what we do and we can't wait to chat more!

Nov 25, 2009

The Future of Aion

Just watch and enjoy. =]

Nov 21, 2009

Episode 5, We're Alive!!!

Hey guys! I know it has been a few weeks since our last post, and we are really sorry! Life is getting pretty busy in the retail business, and school semesters are ending too! We are excited to squeeze another episode it, hope you all enjoy.

Can anyone guess the soundtrack this time?

Today we talk about:
Long time rewards for short time gamers
Small legion play
Things we'd like to see fixed

Oct 31, 2009

Episode 4, Aion Galore!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, Zadno and I went on vacation and to top it all off the episode we recorded the night before we left didn't work! A mic had gone out! Never fear though this episode was worth the wait!

Tonight we cover:
DPS Meters?!
Emblem Creating
How to enjoy grinding
Crafting impressions
Abyss Instance 1, Sulfur fort
General game mechanics
Boot resolution!
Each races has its own unique world
Addressing our community feelings
Lumiel PvP tourney?!

Links we had talked about in the podcast:

Aion DPS Meter - http://www.aionsource.com/forum/general-guides/81710-guide-how-set-up-act-dps-meter-aion.html Thanks to Calindor over at AionSource!

Aion Emblem Guide -  http://www.squidoo.com/aion-guild-emblem

Aion PvP Tourney Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uU-_xHj0qA

Enjoy guys! Keep the feedback coming! You can always drop us a comment here on the blog
Or Email us - myaionyou@gmail.com
Or Talk to us in game! Server Lumiel, Elyos, Zadno or Adamus

Oct 18, 2009

Episode 3, It's just Zadno and Me!

Hey! It's time for episode 3! Zadno and I talk about some new happenings within Aion!

If all you supporters enjoy hearing us, and would like to spread the word, please please email
 ncwaioncommunity_en@ncsoft.com and tell them about us! We're working on getting a post on the official Aion notice board so everyone can hang out and help make Aion's Community grow into what it should be!

*Spam, gone?!
* Patch Notes, event!
*Zadno's Boots =[
*What we think should be fixed next.
*Aion and the Casual Player
*Tips N' Tricks

Remember, on iTunes you can search simply "I got my Aion you" or even "Aion You" and download us there!

Feel free to drop us a note in the comments or via:
Mail = Myaionyou@gmail.com
Forums = GSG9.x.am

Adamus & Zadno

Oct 16, 2009

iTunes has accepted us!

Just wanted to give you guys an update! Itunes decided to allow us to be an official podcast! (silly them!)

What does this mean?

You can now subscribe to us there, AND this means you can download all our stuff via itunes store (its all free!)

A new episode is in the works, a lot has happened in the world of Aion these last few days!

We also now have a /real/ email. It is myaionyou@gmail.com So send us any questions or comments there!

So, load up itunes, hit the store, and search for "I got my Aion you"!

Talk soon!