Apr 8, 2010

Episode 7, Aion isn't heaven. =[

So, not that anyone has been checking up around here for MONTHS now!, it is true Zadno and I have quit Aion. =[

It's a bit of finger pointing and "it's not you it's me".

Honestly, we grew tired of the game =| It got really, boring, for us and the community started to shape more and more into some we were all tooooo familiar with. We are 100% aware that generally "amazing top super gamers" go hand in hand with "amazing top jerk face idiots" I guess we were looking for love in all the wrong places.

A side note to that though, we had disbanded out legion and began to search for a new one, we did find one full of totally awesome players... but the game just wasn't shining. D: We think we have simply become ADHD gamers, and there are too many we want to enjoy rather than be stuck to playing one game. We are gaming swingers if you will!

So! We aren't stopping our gaming uniqueness!We are starting a new all in one gaming and review blog, possibly podcast (but lets not hold our breath!)


Thanks guys for hanging with us!



  1. I can't blame you guys for moving on from the game, If it makes you feel any better I quit long before you guys did and I still listened to your pod casts so keep em coming :)


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